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One Response to “About”

  1. Daniel Dang Says:

    I think youtube is blocking this message because it thinks it’s spam or something so I’ll post it here.

    There’s a free download of the 48 Laws here: http://www.plunder.com/Robert-Greene-The-48-laws-of-power-pdf-download-111185.htm. I tried it myself and was delighted to find one of the older copies of the book. Skip the link that says “download now!” and hit the one that says “download” and save. If you use a java inhibitor like “NoScript” which is a Firefox add-on then you don’t have to view the adds.

    I used to spend a LOT of money on music, movies, cable tv, books, etc. until I found that one can get most of that free online (in varying qualities for music and movies) if they only know where/how to look. With Google one can do so much. I found the download by searching “free download of The 48 Laws of Power.” It was the first link too.

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